Weekly subcriptions

Receive different fresh bunch of flowers every week.

The first delivery comes with a vase, and you can re-use the vase for weekly new blooms! 


For 1 month: Comes with 4 different types of arrangements.

For 2 months: Comes with 8 different types of arrangements.

You can specify which day you want the blooms to be delivered!

Forget-Me-Not Club

Too uptight with schedules or travelling too frequently at work? And there are times, special occasions slipped out of your mind?

Leave it to us! 

We will help you to remember important/specials dates that are important to your loved ones. E.g. birthdays, anniversaries etc.

How it works?

1. Sign up with our flower package with 2 options.

2. Let us know your special dates & types of occasion.

3. 1-2 weeks before your special day, we will contact you on floral designs and options.

3. Once you approved, we will send the flowers on your behalf on that special day!

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