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About Floral Spell

Bonjour. Welcome to Floral Spell. 


Founded in 2018, we started with fresh cut flower bouquets and began exploring wood flowers by early 2019. 


We take pride in being the First & Only (or Original) florist in Singapore that has a wide variety of Sola Wood floral designs and colours - custom made with love, to your preferences.

We started to specialize in Sola Wood Flowers because fresh cut flowers wilt too quickly but are equally pricey.

We wanted to work towards a more sustainable direction (or alternative), hence we focused more on Sola Wood Flowers. 


Each order are inspected before delivery. We do not compromise on quality. 


Thanks for stopping by Floral Spell, happy shopping!



Introduction to Sola Wood Flowers

Sola Wood Flower: an alternative to fresh cut flowers.

100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and made of sustainable materials that last forever.  

Every Sola Wood is made from renewable root, the tapioca plant root (or commonly called cassava).

The bark of the tapioca plant is stripped and made into thin sheets; these sheets are then specifically hand-cut to make up the petals of Sola Wood Flowers.


It is an artisanal process which cannot be mechanized. 


Here at Floral Spell, Our Sola Wood Flowers are customisable from colours to the floral arrangement; wedding bouquets, wreaths, home decor & more!

About Us

Our love and passion for flowers are way beyond our imagination.

We emphasize on being eco-friendly, which is why we make arrangements with Sola Wood Flowers.

They are everlasting and eco-friendly flowers that are scented with essential oil.

To be eco-friendly, we advise customers to reuse their vase and make new arrangement in them.


Floral Spell is a leading Singapore florist, known for having the best everlasting flower delivery services in Singapore. Our handcrafted bouquets possess a unique style of enchantment and romance, fashioned by our keen eye for detail, colour and design. Only premium blooms are used, so our flowers last longer than average and will remain to flourish in your homes. Because we believe in spreading love & bringing people together with flowers, our passion is brought into our studio and transformed into beautiful, elegant flower bouquets--loved by all. Making an order from us is simple--everything happens online. We offer same day flower delivery services to anywhere in Singapore!